Thursday, August 9, 2012

I appreciate all that you do

Couple hours disappear
You and I are standing near
But instead of holding tight
We argue ‘bout who’s right

Who does what and on what days
Who is helpful in more ways
Who’s responsible, who’s not
And we both keep getting hot

I appreciate all that you do
I am happiest only with you
I may not tell you thanks all the time
But I mean it and you’re love of mine…

Then we keep it in for weeks
And instead of kissing cheeks
We give off an angry stare
And we find it hard to share

Then we finally forgive
And in peace we mostly live
Up until again we war
About who’s doing this chore.

I appreciate all that you do
I am happiest only with you
I may not tell you thanks all the time
But I mean it and you’re love of mine…

This kept going on and on
Like a never-ending song
Until midnight yesterday
When we finally found a way

And this heartfelt loving cure
Was to simply reassure
That our efforts are worthwhile
By going the extra mile.

I appreciate all that you do
I am happiest only with you
I may not tell you thanks all the time
But I mean it and you’re love of mine…

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Keeping your vibrations high at work

My last post was 10 months ago...yikes.  Many things happened since then and I will talk about them in the future posts, but I wanted to start off with what I have been struggling with.  The difficulty in keeping your vibrations high on a daily basis in a work environment.  I know what to do, I know how to think, I know how to forgive, let go, meditate, breathe, cleanse, etc, etc, etc. 

But at work you are constantly bombarded with schedules, meetings, people of all kinds with their own agendas, political games, feelings, etc.  It is hard to keep positive.  I catch myself way too often thinking negatively about a person, or worrying about what they must be thinking to do something like that (for instance).  I find myself becoming pessimistic and cynical and that is too far off my norm.  Keeping a positive outlook is becoming a second job at my regular job.  I think peace and get aggravation, I think distance and get over involvement.  Many a times I have to remind myself of why it is that I am doing this job.  There in-lies my struggle.  How do I remain the loving peaceful person that I am at the core and still continue to be engaged rather than indifferent.  That is my question to you dear reader, with all the things we know, how do we walk that fine line?

Looking forward to your comments, I know together we will find a way.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...Marriage advice to me and to you....

Roses are red, violets are blue
Now that you’re married – what will you do?
Parties will end and life will set in
How do you wish for it all to begin?


How do you take on this gift and protect it?
How do you make it stand tough in the storm?
How do you face all the bad and deflect it?
How do you merge your two lives and transform?

All of these questions, plus who cleans the dishes
Mortgage, careers, dirty diapers and sex.
How do you reach all your genuine wishes
While in a world that’s extremely complex?

Laughter – for one, at yourselves and your worries
Humbleness also will show you the way
And there’s one more that will withstand the flurries
And make tomorrow an easier day

Growing together’s the final component
Growing apart is what most couples do
Marriage’s most unrelenting opponent
Making sure one plus one won’t equal two.

Growing together is glue to the marriage
It is the essence that shines through it all
It is the wheels to your fairytale carriage
Letting you ride to your sunset not crawl

Never belittle your partner’s ambition
Always find interest in each others dreams
Do not think twice about any tradition
If it is splitting you two at the seems

She likes a book- then my friend, better read it
He takes up golf, go with him to the links
She wants to cook – help her out and then eat it
And in the process find out what she thinks

People have interests – that’s part of the journey
Letting each other have time on their own
All of that’s true – but make sure that each morning
You aren’t reading the paper alone

Marriage is not about being a good roommate
Kids and vacations are just a small part
Most of the reason for finding a soul mate
Is so that both of you grow from the start

Katya, Olezhik, today’s the beginning
Go build a life that fulfills both of you
Love is a word – you determine its meaning
Make your roses red and your violets be blue!

....written on 8/27/2010 for my cousin's weddding...Love you Oleg and Katya!

Friday, July 16, 2010

How to make your wishes become a reality - the Mechanics of it Continued

...The way I believe this works is that Universe gives us plenty of time to make up our minds before executing.  Just because you have a thought or a want doesn't mean the Universe grants it - as a preventative measure also since most of us think things we definitely do not want to happen on a daily basis.  Thus, it lets you finalize your thoughts and then upon sending it executes them if it is in accordance with your soul purpose and purposes of those around you.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to make your wishes become a reality - the Mechanics of it

If you have read any books on Spirituality or listened to any teachers you likely have heard this statement before - in order to manifest your wishes you must be very specific about what you ask for, focus on it and then detach from it.  It is with the last part that I always had trouble.  I didn't understand in real terms why I need to let it go - until about an hour ago when it came to me. 

Let's say that you dreamed up a new concept for a car.  You drew it on a piece of paper, thought for a while longer, created a blue print with all the specifications and maybe even put together a model.  To expect the car to drive on its own would seem ludicrous but that is what we do with our wishes.  We hold on to them and never let them go.  In order for the car to actually be created we need to send our blueprint to a manufacturer who then will look at it, maybe tweak it and build it at its own pace.  The fact that we want it created tomorrow doesn't seem to phase the manufacturer one bit :)

Thus in real world terms - if you really want something, think it through in all the glorious details and then set it free.  Don't put conditions on it - just ask that it be created with all the best intentions.  If it was meant to be created it will be whenever it will be and it is not up to you.  Be the Originator and let the Creator do the rest.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What is appropriate...or can a grown man still walk around in a diaper?

An acquaintance of mine made me think about what is appropriate in the workplace and otherwise.  She is a nice girl with set values but upon learning about what I believe she seemed to become very "uneasy".  Granted this is far from the first time someone thought me weird and I am quite certain this won't be the last, however, it did make me go deep and analyze.  Her "uneasiness" touched some aspects of self that I wasn't in touch with for a while.  When growing up, I, like many others, wished to be liked and understood.  I tried to fit in and not be different...until I realized that while I still care about others opinions I am happy when I am true to myself. 

I rebel against people that take themselves too seriously.  I always admired those intelligent, successful people that make fun of themselves and treat others with the same respect that they would treat people of a "higher caliber".  Humility is a must in my world, for anyone who puts themselves on a pedestal doesn't understand life well.  I also believe that we get lost often worrying about things that are unimportant in the grand scheme of life.  Work is just work, most of us do it for money and then get out so we can enjoy the remaining hours doing something that makes us happy.  I am of course speaking generally and realize there are those that truly love what they do at work and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

As to what is appropriate and not I know we all differ.  Not only do we differ in opinion but our appropriateness factor (AF) changes depending on circumstance.  For example, seeing someone in a bathing suit during winter is "weird" whereas during the summer we think it is perfectly acceptable and do it ourselves.  Likewise, when someone wears clown's hair during Halloween at work people laugh but if a person does the same on any other day we don't accept it.  That's where my AF differs greatly.  Of course I do own the clown hair and put in on at work periodically.  I put it on when I feel the mood of the team is "heavy" and I do so to cheer them up and to put a smile on their face.  I believe it whisks them away if for a moment from the drudgery of work and hopefully allows them to recalibrate.  I also put it on when I feel myself getting too serious because wearing clown's hair I cannot, in all honesty, continue to take myself seriously.  Thus it relaxes and grounds me.  I am tempted to wear it in front of those "bosses" that view themselves as holy (so far I haven't due to probable firing.)  And I would be remissed if I don't mention that I put in on because I love being the center of attention :) which brings me to a grown man wearing a diaper....

I am not addressing those moments when unfortunately grownups have to wear diapers for medical reasons.  I am talking about a grown man (me) wearing one with a Binky and a bib.  A friend of mine long ago said that it would be hilarious to teach a class wearing nothing but a diaper and see the reaction of the people.  I whole heartily agree.  I must admit I haven't done it yet but maybe will one day.  That would be a great test to see if people truly judge the book by its cover and if they can look past the "stupidity" and learn from a capable instructor.  The psychologist in me is foaming at the mouth for this opportunity

Getting back to the story... when I mentioned this to my acquaintance and added that I crashed my wife's baby shower with 3 other guys all wearing diapers and signing songs she visibly thought of me as the village idiot.  So far my attempts to explain have gone in vain and she probably doesn't want to talk to me ever again, which is fine and is well within her rights.  In my opinion however, I believe what is appropriate is all relative.  I also believe that a grown man who takes his responsibilities but not himself seriously is perfectly appropriate.   

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The discussion of life. Part 4 - Bhagavad Gita as a Spiritual PhD...

After 3 entries I have finally arrived at the most touchy part - Religion.  One must be both brave and foolish to discuss the Religion of others.  As I am about to do so I ask once again for open minds and open hearts and respectfully remind all that everyone is free to decide what to believe.  If my opinion disrespects yours in any way I am sorry. 

This last entry on Discussion of Life after my visit to the Hare Krishna seminar deals with a statement from the Monk.  He mentioned that while he doesn't mean to disrespect any other religion - Hare Krishna and its bible Bhagavad Gita is a PhD in Spirituality and the most important book ever written.  He mentioned that these stories were told by Krishna (God) 5 thousand years ago and contain the pure knowledge, whereas other great messengers and ascended beings only told their peers what they could understand.  He said that Bhagavad Gita tells about what God is really like, what He wears, what He looks like, etc. 

Thus if I understand it correctly the Monk put down other religions for their partial truths and elevated his.  In doing so, in my opinion, he made the same mistake that others make - think they know the truth and others don't.  I always find it interesting to hear people who say they know everything where by stating that they are showing the very opposite. 

Why must we as a people always separate into groups and strive for differentiation?  Do we really think that God likes one group better than another?  In whose interest are we being driven into conflict?  Why must we take the words of others as truth without seeking for our own?  I find so much good in religion as it tries to feed the hungry, help the suffering and provide a supporting community.  I love people getting together in prayer and celebration.  All religions teach acceptance, all religions teach enlightenment and all of them stress Love.  Why not leave it at that?  So I say to the World - no group is stronger than the whole, you are ONE people. Live as ONE.